So you might be wondering why I have no photos on this blog. Well that is if anyone is even reading, which their probably not. I like to take photos but I only have a regular camera, not a fancy one like they say to use for food photography. I’ve been reading my favorite blogs like Oh She Glows, and her pictures are so beautiful all the time. I keep practicing, and maybe someday I can get a better camera and also have some better skills because right now I don’t understand how to do anything but the auto mode. At least I know you’re not supposed to use flash with food!


One Response to “Photography”

  1. Rodzilla Says:

    Nice cameras certainly help, but they aren’t the only important aspect. This was a really great resource when I was starting out (and my photos still aren’t anything special)

    you might be surprised what you can get with a simple point and shoot.

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